How do you establish who was responsible for an accident?

When you report an accident, we give careful consideration to the information you provide and we aim to give you an early indication of the likely outcome. 

Some accidents are easier to determine responsibility for than others. It is important, therefore, that you provide us with as much detail of the accident as you can. This might include your statement, a sketch, photographs or video evidence. The more factual information that you are able to provide, the better.

Where you provide us with details of witnesses to the accident, we will write to them and ask for a statement if necessary. In certain circumstances, we may need to interview you. We might also interview witnesses or visit the scene of the accident to prepare diagrams and take further photographs.

Where it is felt that it is necessary we might also obtain a copy of the police report, if they attended the scene of the accident.

Once we have gathered together all of the evidence that we consider is needed, we will make a decision and settle the claim on that basis.