If my car is a write off can I keep it?

If your vehicle is written off, you are permitted to retain the salvage, although we strongly recommend against it. 

Where it is assessed that the vehicle is beyond economical repair, it is placed on the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register and the damage is recorded on Hire Purchase Interest. In the event that you wish to retain the vehicle or even if you withdraw your claim, these markers will remain against the vehicle and may make it difficult to sell or insure. 

In the event that you or somebody else repairs the vehicle and returns it to the road, it may require a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) before it can be taxed. Full details can be found on the Gov website here. The Gov website also provides details of what happens to vehicles that have been written off. For more details visit the Gov website here.

Where a vehicle is incurring storage charges, it will be moved to a place of free storage, but it will be disposed of rapidly. You will receive a letter to advise you that this is going to happen. The value of the salvage is held to your benefit pending settlement of the claim.

If you wish to retain your vehicle, you must notify us as early as possible and we will make certain it is kept safe for you. If you do not designate a location to deliver the salvage to, we will store the vehicle at a cost to you of £5 per day + VAT.