If my car is stolen, what will happen?

If your vehicle is recovered and repairable, it will be recovered to an approved repairer or repairer of your choosing and repaired in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy.

If your vehicle is not recovered or is damaged beyond repair, we will require you to complete a claim form and send us the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Purchase receipt
  • Evidence of payment
  • Vehicle photographs

We will require original documentation, which we recommend is sent to us by recorded delivery. Copy documentation can be sent by email or uploaded to our website to speed up the process. We will send you a link if you wish to upload documents directly to our website.

Please do not send the vehicle keys to us. We will collect these from you in the event that we need them. Do, however, keep them safe for inspection as we may refuse to deal with your claim if you are unable to provide us with these.

It is likely that we will then need to interview you at your home address and take a statement from you about the circumstances leading up to and including the discovery of the theft. If we intend to do this, we will write to you with the name of the investigation company carrying out the interview.

If you are a genuine claimant, you have no reason to be concerned about this. Subject to your availability, we would expect this to take anything between one and two weeks. 

Once our investigation has finished we will pay you the market value of your vehicle at the time of the theft. If there is finance secured on your vehicle, we will need to pay the finance company first and any balance will be paid directly to you. You will be responsible for the balance of any finance agreement if the amount owed is higher than the value of the vehicle. If you have purchase GAP insurance from the dealer that sold the vehicle to you, you will need to ask them about the operation of that policy.

When we settle your claim, the vehicle becomes our property and you must notify us immediately if it is recovered.