May I go to my own repairer?

You may choose to go to your own repairer. Please ask the repairer to email a repair estimate to It would assist if the repairer is able to quote your claim or policy number, but we should be able to identify your claim from the vehicle registration number. 

We will arrange an inspection, agree costs, and authorise repairs to your chosen repairer, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. In the event that we are unable to agree costs with your chosen repairer, we will give you the opportunity to use an approved repairer or accept a cash payment in lieu of repairs, allowing you to make your own arrangement for repair.

We will not pay for any work or other expense incurred without our prior agreement.

Courtesy vehicles are provided by our approved repairer, so we will be unable to guarantee a courtesy vehicle if you use your own repairer. You will need to arrange this with the repairer directly. Similarly, you will need to agree any guarantee with your chosen repairer and we will not be able to intervene in any subsequent dispute that might arise with the repairer about repair quality or any other matter.