My car is a total loss. How is it valued?

If your vehicle is a total loss, the vehicle will be assessed by an independent qualified engineer. This may involve a physical inspection of the vehicle or it may be undertaken remotely using images of the vehicle taken by the approved repairer. The vehicle is valued by reference to Glass’s Guide and other trader publications. The condition of the vehicle will be taken into consideration, as will any pre-existing damage and vehicle mileage. The vehicle is valued on the assumption that it has a valid MOT certificate where one is required and that it has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The amount that we offer you will be based upon the engineer’s valuation. It is intended to be a sum of money that will put you in a position to purchase a replacement vehicle with one of similar make, model, year, specification, mileage and condition from the market in which you are likely to purchase the replacement. Whilst certain insurers may have had a reputation for making low offers, we offer the full amount of the valuation. Although we are happy to review any valuation on request, you should not expect this to result in an increase in the offer, as every care is taken to ensure that we get it right first time.

If you are not happy with the valuation, you should do some research to see whether vehicles advertised for sale in your local area support your view. If you still think that our valuation is low, telephone your dedicated claim handler and ask for the valuation to be reviewed.

If we can identify suitable vehicles offered locally for a similar amount than we have offered, we will not increase the valuation.

If similar vehicles cannot be found advertised in your locality, a nationwide search will be undertaken to identify the likely sale value of the vehicle if one were available in your area.

If the advertisements cause the handler to believe that the valuation is inadequate, the matter will be discussed with an engineer and you can expect a decision within 48 hours.

If you remain unsatisfied with the valuation, we will refer the matter to an alternative engineering firm who will contact you within a week to discuss and agree the valuation with you. We will also issue an interim payment in the sum offered. Please note that you are free to bank any payments that we make to you in respect of your vehicle and continue to escalate the matter further. We will send you an additional payment in the event that an increased settlement is agreed.

If you are still unhappy with the valuation you have the right to pursue the matter through our complaint procedure which is described in your policy documents and on our website. The matter will then be reviewed at a senior level and a final decision relayed to you, which you may then refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you choose to.