The other driver has said they are claiming for injury, but they were uninjured at the scene of the accident. What will you do?

All claims for personal injury are carefully scrutinised to access cause. This means that we will consider all the available evidence to determine whether it is likely on the balance of probability that a court will accept that the claimant is injured.

In all cases where you raise a concern or we have our own concerns, whether that is in relation to third parties, their passengers or your own passengers, the case will be referred to our counter fraud team. 

The law has recently been changed to allow us to recover costs against the claimant where the claim is found to be fundamentally dishonest and, where this is the case, any legal expenses policy that is supposed to protect the claimant will not operate, meaning that the claimant is entirely responsible for our legal costs.

Where the evidence enables us to do so, we take a very hard line against claimants in these circumstances. In this way, we seek to protect you from paying additional premium to meet the cost of these fraudulent claims.