What if my vehicle is on finance?

If you purchased your vehicle on finance and there is a financial interest recorded against you vehicle, we are obliged by law to pay the finance company the entire balance of the finance up to the value of the settlement, before any balance is paid to you. You should contact the finance company as soon as you are advised that your vehicle is a total loss and ask them to provide you with a settlement figure. Please pass the settlement figure to us urgently, as we will not be able to pay your claim until we have this.

If the outstanding balance exceeds the sum due to you under the policy, you will remain liable to the finance company for the balance of the finance agreement. If you have purchased GAP insurance, this may cover the balance and you should make enquiries with the GAP insurer. GAP insurance is offered by motor dealers when the vehicle is sold. If you are uncertain whether you have cover, you should ask the dealer who sold the vehicle to you.