What should I do at the scene of an accident?

Firstly, you should make certain that you and everybody else involved in the accident are not injured and are safe. You should also consider the safety of other road users and, where necessary and possible, and only if it does not place you in a position of danger, move the vehicles to a position of safety.

If anybody is injured or you are causing or likely to cause danger to other road users, the emergency services should be contacted immediately by dialling 999.

If you are unable to move your vehicle and it is presenting a danger to other road users, consider whether any action is possible to warn approaching motorists of the danger without placing yourself or others at risk.

Once you have dealt with any immediate emergency, you should exchange details with the third party. Please obtain as much information as possible to include the name and address and contact details (telephone numbers/email address) of the driver, the make, model, colour and registration number of the third party vehicle and the number of passengers carried in any other vehicles involved.

If the accident was not your fault, please obtain the name, address and contact numbers of any independent witnesses. 

If the accident was your fault and there were no serious injuries, please provide the third party with our name and your policy number and invite him/her to contact us on 0330 024 8000. As soon as you report the accident to us, we will be able to assist the third party with vehicle repairs and a replacement vehicle whilst theirs is off the road. We will in any event contact the third party within 24 hours of your report of the accident to offer these services if he/she has not already made contact.

In all case, please take any photographs that might assist in the determination of liability and photographs of damage to the vehicles. If you were at fault, this may protect you against claims for additional damage at a later date or claims from passengers that were not there.