When may I have a courtesy vehicle or hire car?

If you choose to use one of our approved repairers, you will be provided with a small courtesy vehicle for the duration of the repairs. This will typically be a small manual vehicle. It should be presented to you in a clean and tidy condition and should be less than 3 years old. The vehicle will be fully insured under your own policy of motor insurance held with us at no additional expense to you and will be subject to the same terms and conditions of that policy.

You should exercise the same degree of care when using the vehicle as you would with your own and you should return the vehicle on completion of the repairs in the same condition and with the same amount of fuel as it had when you got it.

Whilst specific requests, e.g. automatics, will be considered, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to meet the request. If you are disabled and require particular assistance, please contact your dedicated handler who will be able to make the necessary arrangements for you.

All courtesy vehicles are provided by the approved repairer under the agreement that we have with them. If you choose to use a different repairer, you will need to speak to them directly about courtesy vehicles.

A courtesy vehicle is not available if your own vehicle is a total loss. If it is a borderline decision, the repairer might not provide you with a courtesy vehicle until the work has been estimated and it is determined that they will be undertaking the repair. 

A courtesy vehicle is provided as a convenience for social domestic and pleasure purpose only. If it is covered by your policy, you may also use it to travel to and from a permanent place of work. You may not use the courtesy vehicle in connection with any business and you may not take the vehicle out of the country.

If you are involved in an accident that you do not consider was your fault and you require a vehicle of similar specification to your own damaged vehicle, we will refer you to our business partner, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, to see whether they can assist you. If they agree to accept your case, you will be provided with a hire vehicle for the duration of any repairs and the hire costs will be recovered from the responsible driver’s motor insurer. They will also consider providing you with a vehicle if your own vehicle is a total loss and is not driveable following an accident.

Please note that a vehicle will only be provided in the event that Enterprise considers that you have reasonable prospects of recovering the costs of hire from the third party. If Enterprise will not accept your case, they will explain why and you will remain entitled to a courtesy vehicle as described above.