Why may you want to meet me?

In certain circumstances, we will instruct a professional firm to arrange for somebody to come and see you and possibly take a statement from you. We only instruct reputable firms who we take through a rigorous vetting process before they are appointed. Once appointed, they are subject to regular review to ensure that they are performing professionally and to an acceptable standard.

Where such a firm is instructed, you will be notified by us beforehand. Do not allow anybody into your home unless we have told you of their appointment. The appointed firm will contact you by telephone or letter and identify who they are. They will make an appointment convenient to you and you can expect the representative to be professional, polite and courteous throughout.

The representative is there to help us understand your claim so that we deal with it in the most appropriate way and as efficiently as possible, so it is in your interests to meet with our representative as soon as you can and provide your fullest cooperation.