Driving licence verification

We have directed you to this page to verify the information provided by you or other drivers named on your policy when the policy was taken out. This is a routine check undertaken on policies where you were not provided with the option to allow the data to be obtained directly from the DVLA at the start of your policy or you elected to self-declare your licence data.

It is necessary to undertake verification in this manner as convictions are no longer recorded on the counterpart driving licence, which became obsolete with effect from 8 June 2015.

Before we are able to deal with your claim and provide you with the benefits of your policy, you will need to follow the basic steps described below to obtain a ‘Check Code’. The process will take just a few minutes to complete.

Before you start, you will need your driving licence number, your national insurance number and your postcode. If you do not know your driving licence number, instructions are provided on the website below.

Open the following link in a new window and follow the instructions below:


  1. Enter your licence number, national insurance number and postcode where indicated.
  2. Tick the box and select ‘View now’.
  3. You will now be able to view your driving licence information.
  4. Select ‘Get your check code’ in the tab, top right.
  5. Click ‘Obtain code’.
  6. You will be provided with a check code which should be entered in short form below.
  7. Complete the remainder of the form below and click ‘Submit’.

We would ask you to note that the code is case sensitive, so it should be copied exactly using capital and lower case letters as provided. You may prefer to copy and paste the code into the form.

Please note that the check code is valid for 21 days only.

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