All questions are answered subject to validation of the policy and level of cover available.

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Are temporary vehicles acceptable? If so, what is the process?
Yes, temporary vehicles are acceptable; please see below eligibility criteria and calculation method.

  • Drivers are to remain unchanged.
  • Temporary additional drivers are not permitted on temporary additional vehicles.
  • Only 1 temporary additional vehicle is permitted at any one time.
  • Cover is not to be increased.
  • Maximum period 30 days per temporary vehicle.
  • Maximum of 2 temporary vehicles permitted per 12-month policy period.
  • Excess AD and/or F/T to be based on TAV.
  • Endorsements to be based for TAV.
  • Hired vehicles are unacceptable.
  • Courtesy Cars provided to the policyholder whilst vehicle in a garage for a service etc, are acceptable.
  • Cover must not be extended beyond the expiry of the policy.
  • Where a vehicle is added temporarily, extending the period of cover is not permitted and must be treated as a new temporary adjustment.
  • A permanent change is permissible during a temporary vehicle period, as long as any TAV terms (above) are not breached. Premium for the temporary additional vehicle is not recalculated but amended documentation (with effective date changed to reflect permanent adjustment date) will need to be produced for the temporary additional vehicle as well as for the permanent change.

Calculation method

You will need to run through a new annual quote on current rates and based on zero years NCD for the current policy details; but with the temporary vehicle as the permanent vehicle. Once you have the annual premium, you will need to pro rata the annual rate given for the number of days cover required. This will then be the charge for the temporary vehicle, subject to the minimum of £40+IPT. Please use this calculator to check that the rate you have calculated is correct.

If you are unable to process via EDI, once you have calculated the additional premium and the insured has confirmed they are happy with the rate, you should contact Policy Operations Department to action. Documents will then be provided.

How long do you allow for a substitution of vehicle to be processed when a vehicle has been declared a total loss?
We will allow 21 days for a substitution of vehicle to take place, once the total loss payment has been made.
Will you accept an agreed value of a vehicle?
No, we do not accept agreed value, vehicles will be covered and claims will be settled on a market value basis.
Will you accept a vehicle that has been written off previously?
Yes, we accept vehicles that have previously been deemed either Category S or N total loss, normal terms. This is subject to the vehicle being road worthy and having a valid MOT.
Will you accept a modified vehicle?
Yes, we do accept modified vehicles subject to all modifications being noted within the quote. Please refer to Policy Operations if you cannot add the modification due to system limitations.

Please note, modifications should be included within the value of the vehicle.

What vehicle types are acceptable?
We accept a number of different vehicle types. Provided the correct vehicle type and exact vehicle model has been selected and a guaranteed quote is produced, we would be happy to accept the vehicle.
Do you accept imported vehicles?
Subject to the exact make and model (or UK equivalent) being available on the quote system we can accept imported vehicles. These must be fully UK registered prior to us offering a quote.
Do you accept Q plated vehicles?
Yes, these are acceptable and should quote as per your quote system.
The quote has warned that the vehicle needs a tracking device, which devices are acceptable?
The tracking device will need to be a 24 hour GPS satellite tracker and in full working order with a continual subscription.
If a van has been converted to a campervan, is this acceptable?
Yes, this is acceptable, subject to all modifications being noted against the policy.
Do you allow a vehicle to be driven abroad?
Yes, for 12 month policies we will provide 13 weeks cover for foreign use on a Private Car policy and 28 days on a Commercial Vehicle. Please contact Policy Operations Department to notify when a driver is taking the vehicle abroad. If a Green Card is required, this can be issued and emailed over in a PDF format. Follow this link to our broker news page article regarding travelling abroad with your vehicle for further information. https://sabre.co.uk/travelling-abroad-with-a-trailer-or-caravan/
Can Driving Other Cars extension be used to remove a vehicle from an impound?
Do you provide cover for Trailers?
No, cover is limited to Third Party only for any trailer whilst it is attached to the insured vehicle.
Do you accept policies where a vehicle will be kept between post codes?
Yes, we do accept policies where a vehicle may be kept overnight at different post codes. We would ask that both post codes are input on the quote.
The vehicle is not showing on MID. Why?
Initially when the policy is set up or an adjustment is made, it can take 2-3 working days for the new details to be received. Once received by Sabre the information will be sent to the MID overnight and should show on there the next day. Should it not be a new business or recent amendment to the policy, please confirm the registration number is accurate with the policyholder before contacting Policy Operations Department.
Can we use a Dump ABI code, if the vehicle cannot be found on the system?
Dump codes can only be used if specifically told to do so by us following a referral and with a valid quote reference number. So please contact Policy Operations to refer if there is a requirement to use a dump code.
Are temporary drivers acceptable? If so, what is the process?
  • Yes, temporary drivers are acceptable; please see below eligibility criteria and calculation method.
    The insured vehicle must remain unchanged.
  • Temporary drivers are not permitted on a temporary additional vehicle.
  • Cover is not to be increased.
  • Temporary additional drivers are allowed for a maximum period 30 days (per TAD not per policy duration).
  • Any temporary driver must follow the same product rules as a permanent driver regarding acceptability.
  • All excesses apply to the temporary additional driver including age related compulsory excess for AD/MD and/or F/T.
  • All Endorsements apply to the temporary additional driver.
  • The period for which the temporary additional driver is covered may not extend beyond the expiry date of the policy.
  • The total number of drivers on a policy cannot exceed the maximum allowed of 5.
  • The maximum number of TAD allowed per policy duration is as follows:

12 months = 4
6 months   = 2
3 months   = 1

Calculation method

You will need to run through two new annual quotes on current rates, one with the driver included as a permanent driver and one based on the current policy information. Once you have these two annual rates, you should take the difference between the two premiums and pro rata for the amount of days cover required. This will be the charge for the temporary driver, subject to a minimum charge of £40+IPT. Please use this calculator to check that the rate you have calculated is correct.

If you are unable to process via EDI, once you have calculated the additional premium and the insured has confirmed they are happy with the rate, you should contact Policy Operations Department to action. Documents will then be provided.

The charge will apply per driver, so in the event that multiple drivers are required to be added on temporarily, you will need to calculate each one separately.

If the insured has made a claim, will we be notified?
Yes, you will be provided daily with either a spreadsheet to confirm the claim details or an email will be sent with a PDF document confirming the date, type and blame status of the claim.   Once this notification has been received you should ensure that the claim is added to the policy.
Do you accept courier or delivery drivers?
Yes, we will accept a courier or delivery driver under our Commercial Vehicle product, with the exception of a fast food delivery driver.
Do you accept non-UK residents?
Yes, we do allow for non-UK residents to be added to the policy, both as permanent and temporary drivers. When inputting their details to the quote use the date they most recently entered the UK as their residency date, or if within a month of inception then input residency as 1 month.
Do you accept drivers with criminal convictions?
Yes, we do accept drivers who have criminal convictions, provided the question has been answered correctly and the quote is guaranteed.
Do you accept drivers who have had a previous insurance policy cancelled?
Yes, we do accept drivers who have had a previous Insurance policy cancelled, provided the question has been answered correctly and the quote is guaranteed quote provided.
Do you accept a driver who has been declared Bankrupt or has any CCJ/IVA’s?
As long as you are happy with the payment arrangement you have with the policyholder, we will accept these normal terms. In the event of a default on payment, there will be no assistance with any charges.
Do you offer an ‘Any driver’ policy?
No, all drivers need to be added to the policy.  We will allow a maximum of 5 drivers on any policy, this will include the policyholder.
Do you accept High profile individuals/personalities or a Professional Sports person?
This is something we can look into for you on a case by case basis. Please contact the Policy Operations department with the full quote details; however, we may apply additional loading to the premium.
Can a driver use the vehicle to sit their driving test?
Yes, this is acceptable. Should the driver pass their test, the policy will need to be updated to provide full indemnity.
If a driver on the policy uses the vehicle for voluntary work, is this covered?
Please see the following link to the ABI website, listing all Insurance companies and their stance on using vehicles for Voluntary work. Should a voluntary organisation require the driver to show proof they are covered, they should direct them to the below link.


The policyholder has passed away; should we cancel the policy?
If the policyholder passes away midterm, please contact our Policy Operations Department so that we can note our records accordingly.

We can allow for the policy continue up until renewal if that is the wish of the executors. Unfortunately, no changes can be made on a policy where a policyholder has passed away and if changes are necessary at that point the policy would need to cancel. Of course, if the executors wish to cancel the policy this is acceptable.

No Claims Discount
How can we obtain proof of No Claims Discount?
The renewal notice would often be sufficient for a customer to use as proof of their No Claims Discount. However, if you do require a letter to confirm, please email ncdrequests@sabre.co.uk to obtain a PDF version.
Do you accept foreign NCD?
We do accept foreign NCD from the below listed Countries, provided it is translated into English and meets our standard criteria. Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
Do you accept Accelerated NCD?
No, we do not accept Accelerated NCD.
Do you accept NCD from Fleet or Motor Trade policy?
No, we only accept NCD from Private Car, Commercial or Taxi policies.
Do you accept Commercial Vehicle NCD on a Private Car policy?
As long as the NCD is from a policy in the policyholder’s name, we can accept bonus from a commercial vehicle policy on private car or vice versa.
Do you accept Private Car or Commercial Vehicle NCD on a Taxi policy?
If the policyholder has 3+ years Private Car or Commercial Vehicle NCD, we will allow 1 year Taxi NCD. Anything less than 3 years would need to be input as nil.
Will you accept NCD from a Motability policy?
Yes, we do accept NCD from a Motability policy, provided it meets our standard criteria for NCD.
Will you accept NCD that has been transferred to the policyholder by another family member?
The only circumstance, in which we accept NCD that has been transferred to the policyholder, is where the NCD has been transferred to them by their spouse and is not being used elsewhere. Once transferred, we cannot transfer it back into their spouse’s name.
Do you mirror NCD?

We do not allow NCD that is already in use on another policy, to be used on a policy with us.

Are telephone calls recorded?
All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.
What is your complaints procedure?
Please find a copy of our complaints procedure here; https://sabre.co.uk/customer/complaints/
What are your cancellation charges?
In the first 14 days of the policy; subject to no adjustments or claims, the cancellation will be calculated on a pro-rata basis subject to a minimum charge of £25+IPT. Outside of the cooling off period; subject to no claims, a cancellation charge of £50 is applied to the time on risk charge.
We have received an enquiry from the Police, where should this request be directed?
Any request from the Police should be forwarded to Policy Operations Department. Please ensure all documentation needed such as HORT1, Court Summons, DPA exemption form etc are all included in the email. https://sabre.co.uk/contact/
The policyholder has made a complaint, what should we do?
If the complaint relates to administration or service provided to the customer, this should be handled in line with your own complaints procedure.

Any complaint relating to pricing, policy cover or charges applied by Sabre should be notified by email to policy.operations@sabre.co.uk or by telephone on 0330 024 4699.

Will you offer a discount to the premium?
No, Sabre do not offer any additional discounts to premiums and the rate will be as per your quote system.
There has been a non-disclosure on a policy, how should we proceed?
Any form of non-disclosure should be referred to Sabre immediately, we take non-disclosure very seriously and an informed decision will be made on how we wish to proceed once all the information has been presented.
Are we able to override a premium?
Premiums can not be overridden without prior referral to Policy Operations to obtain a specific quote reference.
Would you allow a cancellation to be backdated?
If there is a valid reason for cancellation to be backdated we may consider this, however sufficient evidence must be provided to support your request. Please contact our Policy Operations Department to refer any request to backdate cancellation.
The policyholder is not responding to a request for contact or documentation request, how should we proceed?
If policyholder has been given adequate time to respond to the request, you should now procced with cancellation.
What countries are covered under a Green Card?
Any member country of the EU or a country in respect of which the Commission of the European Union is satisfied that arrangements have been made to meet the requirements of Article 7(2) of the EU Directive on Insurance Civil Liabilities arising from the use of motor vehicles. (No.72/166/EEC). Please follow below link to the COBX website that states what countries are covered.


Will Driving Other Cars extension be added to a policy?
Driving Other Cars extension can be given to the policyholder only, subject to them meeting our acceptance criteria. If the criteria has been met the policy documentation will confirm that Driving Other Cars extension is included.
Do you offer Public Liability?
Public liability is not included within Sabre policies.
What is the procedure at renewal of a policy?
Renewal invitations will be either issued electronically via EDI or sent via email in a PDF format for you to then renew electronically. Renewal invitations will be issued 30 days prior to renewal, however please bear in mind if this lands on a weekend or bank holiday they will be sent the next working day. *An exception for those using the Acturis system. The renewal cannot be accepted electronically and you are required to rekey the policies back as a new business, using the premium provided on the PDF document.
Why has the renewal premium increased?
This will be solely reliant on the risk details and unfortunately sometimes premiums will increase in comparison to a premium from the prior year.
How do I contact you?
If you have read through our FAQ’s and cannot find the answer to your query then please contact our office. If you follow the below link to our contact page, it will provide you with both our email address and phone number for you to use. Please note we will only respond during office opening hours, which are are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. https://sabre.co.uk/contact/

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